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GrumpyPandaz Gaming mouse pad

GrumpyPandaz Gaming mouse pad

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Upgrade your gaming experience with our high-quality GrumpyPandaz mouse pad. With its large size and expert edge stitching, this gaming mouse pad transforms your gaming setup into a professional gaming station that's perfect for all your favorite games, including Dota and CSGO. Say goodbye to jerky mouse movements, as the non-slip surface on the under layer keeps the entire mat securely in place on your desk. With our gaming mouse pad, you can enjoy smooth and precise mouse movements every time. Get ready to dominate your next gaming session with our GrumpyPandaz mouse pad.

• 100% polyester
• Rubber non-slip base
• Sizes: 36″ × 18″ (91.4 cm × 45.7 cm), 18″ × 16″ (45.8 cm × 40.7 cm)
• Vibrant prints, long lasting
• High-quality edge stitching that doesn’t peel
• Non-slip surface
• Rounded edges

Size Guide

  WIDTH (inches)  HEIGHT (inches) THICKNESS (inches)
18″×16″ 16 18
36″×18″ 18 36
18″×16″ 40.6 45.7 0.4
36″×18″ 45.7 91.4 0.4
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